HellermannTyton South Africa Anniversary

Date: 12/04/2016

The company we know today was originally founded by Paul Hellermann and Jack Bowthorpe in Croydon, United Kingdom, as Hellermann Electric, a subsidiary of Goodliffe Electric Supplies, in 1938, after which it moved to a new manufacturing site at Crawley in Sussex in 1948.

In 1964 the company acquired Insuloid Manufacturing, a business which had been founded in 1933 by the Emery family in Hulme, Manchester manufacturing bus-bar insulations. It launched the Tyton system, a method for cable bundling in continuous system, in 1965 and established HellermannTyton Corporation in Milwaukee in 1969. Then in 1976 it expanded into the aviation market, offering cable management solutions for airplanes.

The company expanded rapidly and established operations at Järfälla in Sweden in 1982, at Hyogo in Japan in 1986 and in Wuxi and in Shanghai in China in 1998. It then began harmonising its branding under the single worldwide trademark HellermannTyton in 1999.

The South African company was founded in 1966 and has served the southern African electrical and associated industries for 50 years. HellermannTyton now operates 12 manufacturing sites across 37 countries and employs over 3 800 people worldwide.

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