THT820D Non-Contact Body Infrared Thermometer

Quick guide - THT820D

Non-intrusive Infrared thermometer for body temperature measurement.




Displays “Lo”
•Make sure measurements are taken between 5 – 10cm from centre of forehead
•Trigger should be pressed quickly and not held down (0.5s)
•Adjust F2 setting

Check setting is on Body and not Surface - Change with bottom (Mode) button.

To reset log
•Press and hold left and right buttons until clear

F2 Settings
1)Hold left button until F1 displayed
2)Press left again (see F2 displayed)
3)If “Lo” - Press right button to increase offset (+⁰C)
4)If “Hi” - Press down (Mode) button to decrease offset (-⁰C)
5)Press left again to exit settings



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