Portable Thermal Tablet

Portable Thermal Tablet
  • Android Platform: Open Source and expandable
  • 5.5” Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 80x80 Resolution (6400 pixels)
  • Digital Camera 8 Mega Pixel HD CCD
  • Multifunction USB Connector
  • Additional Features Include-Bluetooth, Compass, Wi-Fi
  • Still & Video Recording
  • Built-in Memory



The TPK80 integrates tablet and thermal camera technologies, into an easy to use multifunctional, application device. The TPK80 can access the internet via a Wi-Fi connection or a network. Users can share thermal information with others anytime, anywhere. Individual company owned Apps can be added to the TPK80.

Technical Data

Camera name




 Thermal Sensitivity

 ≤0.10ºC @ 30ºC

 Field of view/MIn focus Field

 20º x 20º  / 0.5m 

 Focus Mechanism

 Fixed Focus



 Temperature Range

 -20 to +160ºC


 ±2°C, ±2% of readings 

 Measurement Tools

 1 moveable spots , Auto hot/cold spot capture,       isothermal analysis, Circle analysis Rectangular     analysis, 



 Operating temperature




Physical Characteristics (Camera Body)





 175x102x36 mm


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