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HellermannTyton serves a wide range of global target markets. This diverse market involvement allows us to bring cross-market wire management ideas and products to the forefront.

HellermannTyton has the engineering/design resources and manufacturing capabilities to become working partner on any new custom harness routing and protection channels.

Initial design concepts - prototype molds/runs - full platform serial production.

Global manufacturing sites & tool rooms with injection molding tonnage to handle almost any range of product:

  • Ranges from 50 Tons to 1,000 Tons throughout the globe.
  • Various sites with 200T, 250T, 400T, 500T, & 800T +
  • Four global HT tool rooms for mold making as well as global tooling vendors.


Cable fastener especially developed for the automotive industry








Cable fastener which is specifically developed for the automotive industry for final car door assembly.

•  Its arrowhead design ensures easily fitting
   without additional tools

•  In combination with a black foam rubber seal
   the plastic disc protects against the ingress of


HellermannTyton one-piece-fixing-ties


HellermannTyton one-piece-fixing-ties cover 90 % of main circuit applications in a car.

•  For attaching two cable ties to one weld stud

•  For applications, which require a particularly
   high tensile strength, e.g. in the production of
   heavy-duty vehicles

•  For quick and easy mounting on edges

•  "Soft push” mechanism


HellermannTyton Double clip







Double clip that holds three tubes for the brake and antilock brake sensor and CDC on just two-point fastening points on the rear axle.

•  Its arrowhead enables fast and easy mounting

•  The brake tube is easily assembled with a
   simple push


Braided sleeving







Braided sleeving for secure bundling of cables and wiring in applications, where the movement of engine components or high temperatures are a key factor.

•  Resistance to heat and abrasion

•  Isolation


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