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Our aim is to make your solar plants a success.
Save money by reducing servicing costs

It may sound easy, but it’s our job to help you make a profit – by which we mean a lasting one. We focus in our own special way on cable management solutions for solar plants. But then we are the experts when it comes to routing cables through photovoltaic plants in an intelligent and robust manner. Your benefit: considerably reduced servicing costs. Our work helps ensure that solar power remains a fully competitive product that can be traded reliably.

Solar Energy is our Strength. Whether you’re looking for the right cable ties, flexible marking and identification devices or complex systems for the tool-assisted assembly of cable ducts, we are a partner you can count on.


Solar plants with HellermannTyton products

Comprehensive Cable Management Solutions for Solar Plants

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist cable management solutions for solar plants, we are committed to boosting the efficiency of our clients’ systems. We are well aware that electricity generated by renewable energies is subject to never-ending competition, which is why each and every one of our innovations bows to the dictates of efficiency, even during the planning phase. If you opt for HellermannTyton products and solutions when installing your solar panels, you can expect a long-term commercial benefit. Take our Q-Series cable ties for instance: they offer a 25 per cent time saving thanks to their unique open head paving the way for faster application.


Raising the bar: Your Special PV Installation

We offer an extensive product portfolio for the solar industry. But there’s more. Your project is unique – and we are able to develop the perfect solution for your needs in the form of a bespoke concept. For example, we have developed the MiniEdgeClip mount for projects where customers require panels with a low height and particularly narrow edges.

For us, a spirit of partnership always forms the cornerstone of shared success. Put us to the test!



PV park

Solar Plants: A Global Success Story Built to Last

When Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1839, he could never have envisaged how far the technology would come. Solar panels were first used for independent power generation in the late 1950s when they were built onto a solar sail in space. They now supply us with cost-effective energy here on planet earth and make a competitive contribution to meeting the world’s energy needs.

Solar energy has excellent credentials.  Just to give you an idea of the scale: about 12,000 times the world’s primary energy needs enter the earth’s atmosphere in the form of solar energy every single year. Around 50 per cent of this energy reaches the earth’s surface and has the potential to be converted into electricity using current technology. And the technologies of the future will certainly be even more efficient.

Silicon is currently used in the construction of PV panels, but this is a finite and costly resource. There are already innovative solar panels featuring Perovskite, a mineral crystal structure that makes it possible to produce much thinner solar cells and thus apply them to curved surfaces as a film. Perovskite also has potential for the future on account of its ability to exploit blue and green light more effectively.
Regardless of which technologies will be developed and deployed for renewable energies such as power from the sun, HellermannTyton has – and will continue to have – the most efficient cable management solution for your plant.


Renewable energies – HellermannTyton offers cable management solutions

Durability Pays Off.
And that’s pretty much all there is to it

Usually, we don’t believe in simple recipes for success, but on this occasion the issues involved are clear. When choosing materials and building made-to-measure cable management solutions for the renewable energies sector, we have one overriding aim: durability. As a result, your maintenance expenses – and therefore your operating costs – are kept to a minimum whilst the operational stability of your solar plant rises.
In other words, our product quality is designed to boost your commercial success.


Many cable ties are installed in each PV plant

Easy to Install on Solar Panels: Renewable Energy Protection Solutions NEW

Protect PV connectors against the ingress of dust and water with the HellermannTyton Dust Cover Range. Not only has these dust covers been manufactured to perfectly fit the application with the highest possible quality, but careful consideration has also been given to the contractor's concern regarding the actual cost.

EdgeClip for fixing cables to the edges of solar panelsExceptionally well-priced for the industry coupled with shorter delivery periods, sets us apart from the rest.
Specially developed for solar plants, the HellermannTyton Dust Cover Range  makes it possible to protect your investment against possible damage of the male- or female PV pin due to dust ingress.



HellermannTyton; Designing Enclosures for PV installations, Based on Safety as a First Priority.

Q-Series cable ties are ideal for solar plantsThe new SANS 10142 standard on all PV installations coming out soon will for the first time make reference to the IEC standards which prohibits the use of enclosures for string combiner boxes not having a double insulation- or Class II safety rating. It is of the upmost importance for Renewable Energy experts to know that most Enclosures for String Combiner Boxes currently in circuit do not comply with this standard, yet the HellermannTyton complies with the standard.

UV Stabilised Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties for PV plantsLocally manufactured UV Stabalised PA6.6 material for additional protection against UV radiation.
Do not be fooled: any cable tie that is black has carbon black, so yes it will last but just because it has a sticker that says UV doesn't mean that it was designed to be UV Stable.

We have something against the sun you can benefit from

Whereas many other constructions age quickly under the relentless influence of sunlight and have to be refitted, we offer you products with excellent UV resistance. Take the polyamide PA11 cable tie, for example, which has been specially developed for solar plants. One key factor that distinguishes our cable management solutions from those of the competition is that they keep maintenance costs to a minimum. That’s because we use tried-and-tested materials of a higher quality standard.


Products for solar parks – cable routing and protection from HellermannTyton

Solar Labels

Hellermantyton offer the most comprehensive and innovative line of identification products for the Renewable Energy industry.

Photovoltaic Connectors

We offer Panel Mount Connectors, Cable Connectors and Branch Connectors.

Solar Test Instruments and Tools

HellermannTyton offers a full range of quality Test Instruments and Tools specifically designed for the Solar Industry.


Weather-resistant cable ties are ideal for solar parks

Durability pays off. Put it to the test

Not only will we be happy to sit down with your engineers to develop solutions that meet the unique needs of your solar plants, we also believe so strongly in our products that we’ll let you test them extensively. Your stringent checklist should include the following items: rapid assembly, reliable stability, lasting weather resistance, and extremely strong extraction forces. And when you carry out the test, you will find yourself putting a great big tick next to each and every one of these requirements.

And we’re not bragging when we say that we both gain a competitive edge. It’s just a simple statement of fact.

Put our products through their paces.



Electricity pylons


HellermannTyton helps you get ahead.
Because the chemistry is just right

When cost factors meant that galvanised steel started replacing aluminium as the construction material of choice for solar plants, we responded by developing new solutions. The chloride found in the air in coastal areas reacts with zinc and water, creating a kind of solvent that attacks conventional polyamides. This leads to an inevitable rise in maintenance costs.

We offer reliable assistance with the PA66. With their high degree of resistance to chemicals and UV radiation, these cable ties are just what you would expect from HellermannTyton: increased efficiency for you thanks to robust and durable cable management solutions.


Reliable even in the face of intensive UV radiation: cable management solutions from HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton Always Sheds Light on the matter.
By Working Systematically

Any electrical installations carried out is subject to the NEC (National Electrical Code). This standard governs the setting of operating voltages and stipulates how different kinds of cabling, fuses, and plugs can be arranged, connected, and fitted. It is subject to numerous amendments on the part of individual states and municipalities, with special labels required to communicate this mass of information. First published in 1897, the NEC is updated annually.
It goes without saying that this complicated system leads to a great deal of confusion and scope for error, not to mention significant costs, on the part of the companies doing the work. The NEC is an especially costly hurdle in the photovoltaic sector, where new, complex solar plants are a day-to-day phenomenon. The result – the HellermannTyton solar installation labelling solutions – is the simplest solution since the invention of the light bulb when it comes to shedding light on complicated matters. We have created an ingenious and ready-to-use labelling system that satisfies all NEC requirements pertaining to the solar energy industry.
We know that labour costs can only be reduced if the right tools are always at people’s fingertips. Typically HellermannTyton.



Identification systems for solar parks

Solar Plants Require a New Kind of Thinking

Renewable Energy is a highly specialised field. And photovoltaic has its own set of rules. Before we are satisfied with a new cable tie, it has to pass a series of demanding tests. For example, we asked the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE to show no mercy when subjecting our materials to extreme UV conditions. The intensive UV radiation test  simulated a three-year dose of outdoor weather. Even though these results were outstanding we were not satisfied with laboratory tests alone and then sent the cable ties out into the desert for three years, with the real-life extreme conditions found in the Negev region of Israel giving us the confirmation we needed.

In other words, cable management solutions from HellermannTyton are excellent news for your business model (which involves generating calculable profits from solar power), as the maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.


Roof-mounted PV installation

Global demand for solar energy continues to soar.
So don’t lose sight of innovations

The global wattage for solar power has doubled since 2010, with the global market posting annual growth of 15 per cent. HellermannTyton observes trends, and reports on innovations. Don’t miss out.

Modern building with solar technology

UV resistance for durable solar plants - Is your Cable Tie REALLY UV-Stabalised?

Cost of Energy - solar plants

A simple test to determine whether or not a cable tie is UV-stabalised.

You can quickly determine whether or not a cable tie is UV-stabilised. Strike with a hammer the tail of the strap on the tie. Hold up this flattened end to the light. Cable ties with a carbon black content of at least 2 % allow no light through and look black throughout. Standard black ties, however, are transparent on the flattened end.

NB! Do not be fooled: any cable tie that is black has carbon black, so yes it will last but just because it has a sticker that says UV doesn't mean that it was designed to be UV Stable. .


The GalvaLok PA11 solves installation problems in conjunction with galvanised PV panels

The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west.
But a lot happens inbetween

The solar energy industry is in a constant state of flux. The global community craves more and more energy, one innovation follows another and the feed-in tariff regulations for solar plants are constantly being changed, as are special subsidy models. HellermannTyton remains alert and is able to spot new trends.

Photovoltaics is an exciting area. We will keep you posted on successful battery storage systems and tell you which cable management solutions actually make sense in specially built switching cabinets.


HellermannTyton products have been installed at many solar plants

We don’t just keep pace. We set the pace.
Market and competitor analysis for your business

We don’t just wait around until a new innovation appears out of the blue. Instead, we do our own development work, analyse the market and our competitors on an ongoing basis and systematically implement the insights we gain as a consequence. By virtue of an extensive global network of experts and developers, we are always generating new ideas whilst others still persist with old ways of doing things. This gives you the advantage of being able to quickly and successfully respond to ongoing changes in solar technology by using our products.


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