Plastic and steel cable clamps for industry

Wire clamps: for plugging, screwing and bonding

Clamps and clips for safe, customized cable routing

HellermannTyton wire clamps: for plugging, screwing and bonding

Wherever cables are routed, secure holding devices are required. A wide variety of cable clamps are used for this purpose, depending on the specific requirements.

For example, there are plastic wire clamps and steel cable clamps. Some are closed, while others are open or can be reopened – ideal for maintenance, subsequent installations or later exchanges of cables.

Different industries have different requirements for a clamp, for example, there are very small fasteners, cushion clamps or special heavy duty cable clamps. In addition to the requirement of the material, but also different functionalities are needed. For example, there are adjustable cable clamps and those that are rotatable or rigidly fixed. Other wire clamps, such as our Omega Clips, can be combined with other wire clamps – for multiple bundling, one above the other or in parallel.

Whether cushioned, for holes, edges, for adhesive bonding or screwing: cable clips from HellermannTyton cover a bundle range from min. 6.2 to max 51.0 mm, hole sizes from 6.5 to 12.95 mm and plate thicknesses from 0.5 to 13.0 mm. In short, no matter what bundle diameter you need and what other requirements you have - with us you will find the right cable clamps for your cable management.


Flat cable clamp: Screwed Ratchet Clamp

Screwed Ratchet Clamp: flat cable clamp for heavy dutry

The SRC heavy duty cable clamp is used for both permanent and temporary fastening of cables and lines. The glass fiber material mix (PA6 GF30) makes this plastic wire clamp very robust, perfect for heavy duty use.

Due to the low profile geometry, this flat cable clamp is well proven in the following fields, among many others:

  • Buses and trucks
  • Agriculture
  • Construction vehicles

The adjustable cable clamp allows easy adjustment and reopening by hand without tools – for cable diameters from 25 mm up to 150 mm.

In the case of lines through which liquids flow and where the hose requires space, the independent adjustment of the bundle diameter allows sufficient clearance to be allowed for compensating movements and to avoid crushing the line.

Further benefits:

  • Suitable for parallel cable routing
  • Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically
  • Ideal for retrofitting

Steel cable clamps


Metal cable clamp, with fixing hole for cable ties

Steel cable clamps for harsh environments

The stainless steel clips of the SSPC series, in combination with metal cable ties, enable reliable fastening of cables, hoses, conduits and pipelines in harsh environments, for example:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Oil and gas (offshore)
  • Industrial machinery and vehicles
  • Food and beverage
  • Renewable energy

By combining with cable ties up to 10 mm wide, which are loopable from two sides, a variety of different bundle diameters can be fastened.


The metal cable clamps made of stainless steel convince with their durability as well as excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

Steel cable clamp, self-adhesive

Steel cable clamp, self-adhesive

The SAC series metal clamp with bendable steel bracket is a cost-effective, self-adhesive fastening solution without cable ties.

This solution is perfect for areas that are difficult to access or where only self-adhesive mounting solutions may be used – for example, in the manufacture of household appliances or in caravan construction.

The adhesive socket ensures very easy installation on smooth, clean surfaces.

Heavy duty cable clamps


Harness clips for heavy duty applications

Beam clamp: heavy duty wire clamp

The Beam heavy duty cable clamp was originally developed for the automotive and trucking industries as an alternative to metal solutions, but can be used in any areas where a strong and permanent fastening is required.

Favorite fields of application:

  • Truck and automotive industry
  • Agriculture
  • Railway industry
  • Ship building
  • Industrial buildings

The robust heavy duty clamp consists of a polyamide housing and 30% glass fiber reinforcement. Beam clamp is available in various panel thicknesses and two different versions:

  • Cable clamp without foam: should be used for abrasive surfaces such as galvanized surfaces.
  • Cable clamp with foam: should be used for smooth surfaces. The benefit is that the foam provides adhesion protection.

High voltage clamps

Caple clamp for high voltage cables

With their robust, protective cover and soft insert, high voltage clamps provide secure and stable wire management.

Benefits at a glance:

  • 2-way and 3-way clips & clamps available
  • Ribbed design provides high strength
  • Soft inserts protect the bundling good
  • Easy installation, two pieces ‘click’ together or with hinge/twist lock closing system
  • Standardized fixing method with M6 bolt and 5.0 mm/M5 x 14.0 mm with anti rotation pin
  • Reduce installation time

These fasteners are used in areas where high voltage cables are being installed, e.g. automotive and other electric vehicle industry (hybrid & battery vehicles).

Heavy duty clamps are available as an assembly of two fixings or as a single part with various closing options.


Flat cable clamp: Screwed Ratchet Clamp

Flat cable clamp, adjustable

The SRC heavy-duty cable clamp convinces with its flat design and its easy manual adjustability.

More information about the adjustable cable clamp can be found here further up on this page.

Omega cable clips


Modular Omega clips (MOC)

Modular Omega Clip, for custom cable routing

The Modular Omega Clips (MOC) clamp family comprises 12 different product designs in various sizes that can be combined with each other. This allows for hundreds of modular configurations – for custom cable routing that overcomes traditional routing limitations.

Application Area:

  • Especially for fluid systems (fuel, brake, vacuum, venting, cable and harness, HVAC and powertrain thermal management application)
  • For coolant hard-lines (stainless steel), single HV-cable fixation in EV public buses, engine venting, fuel vapor recovery, battery cooling, AC lines

Basically, MOC is distinguished into two categories: MOC CLIP (combination of several cable clamps) and MOC with CABLE TIE (combination of cable clamp and cable tie).

Patented product design provides superior grip and prevents accidental loosening during vibration and assembly operations such as vacuum filling.

Even though there are already hundreds of possible combinations, there is always room for a new configuration option. HellermannTyton engineers are happy to assist you in developing new solutions to install your pipes and cables in the most efficient and effective way.

Lockable Omega clips (LOC)

Lockable Omega Clip, can be combined with cable ties

In addition to MOC, there is also the Locked Omega Clips (LOC) clamp product family. These cannot be connected modularly, but offer just as many benefits:

  • Adds assurance of a 360-degree locking enclosure
  • Internal adjustment mechanism provides flexibility in bundle diameters
  • Ability to remove bundle and reopen by hand

LOC cable clamps can also be combined with cable ties. The advantages here:

  • Widest range of diameter adjustment up to 50mm
  • Adds assurance of a 360-degree locking enclosure
  • Prevents axial slip along bundle

Applications are similar to MOC series: fluid systems (fuel, brake, vacuum, vent, cable and harness, HVAC and powertrain thermal management applications), coolant lines (stainless steel), HV single cable fixation in EV buses, engine venting, fuel vapor recovery, battery cooling, AC lines, and PV and solar applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cable clamp?

In-Line Ratchet P-Clamp, wire clamp

Cable clamps allow easy routing of one or more wires or one or more hoses and tubes.

Wire clamps are used in almost all markets. For routing along building walls in the building and construction sector, in cable assembly for e.g. underbody lines and cooling systems in the automotive and truck industry or in the renewable energies sector for supply air and exhaust air ducting.

There are different bundle diameters and variants for different installation situations and it is also possible to lay several cables in one clamp or to run cables parallel to each other.

How to install a cable clamp ?

Most cable clamps are self-explanatory and can be selected in advance by type of fastening, material, colour or special requirements. There are cable clamps for edges, for screwing, with welding studs or with adhesive base.

Many products have an audible snap-in feature to ensure the product is tight and properly closed.

Some clamps with screw fastening and some clamps for reopening during maintenance and replacement of cables require a screwdriver.  However, most wire clamps can simply be installed and closed by hand with no tool required, as in this example here: