Quality Tools from HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton offers tools for the electrical, industrial, mining and automotive industry to name but a few, with 50 Years of uncompromising quality in products and service. HellermannTyton’s mission is to provide innovative solutions, with customer satisfaction as our first priority. We aspire, through global leadership and quality products that add value to electrical and communication networks, to be the customers’ partner of choice. We aim to achieve world class operational excellence for the benefit of our customers, our employees and the interaction of our business with the environment.

HellermannTyton Tools

Crimping Tools fall into two basic categories: hand operated and powered. The most common of these two groups are the hand operated varieties which are generally used to crimp smaller electrical connections. Powered crimping tools usually make use of a source of pressurized hydraulic fluid to execute the crimp and are typically for joints which are too robust to crimp by hand. HellermannTyton offers both and also for all applications, from light and medium duty to heavy duty applications.


Crimp Tools - Light Duty/PV/Electric

Light Duty Crimping Tools from HellermannTyton include Low Cost DIY Tools, Pre-insulated Terminal Crimpers, Pre-Insulated Tension Adjustable Terminal Crimpers, Deluxe Ratchet Crimping Tools, Coax Crimpers, Bootlace Ferrule Crimpers, Close End Connector Crimpers, Angle Griptite Crimper, Modular Connector Crimpers, Molex Crimpers, Uninsulated Terminal Crimpers, Multi-crimp Tools, PV Crimping Tools, Electric Terminal Crimpers and Lobster Tools.


Medium Duty Crimp Tools

Medium Duty Crimp Tools from HellermannTyton include: Hex Crimper Tools and BOWCRIMPT Tools.


Hydraulic Crimp Tools

HellermannTyton offers a wide range of Hydraulic Crimp Tools including: Hand Hydraulic Crimper, Hand Hydraulic Crimper Kits, Hydraulic Crimp Head, Battery Operated Crimper Kits and Battery Operated Hydraulic Crimpers.


Cable Cutters & Pliers

HellermannTyton offers a full range of cable cutting tools that include: Cable Cutters, Core Cutters and PVC Pipe Cutters for light weight, medium and heavy duty applications. For Electrician's HellermannTyton 1000V Tools are ideal with safety as a first priority. Our 1000V Range of Cutters and Pliers include: SABS approved Electrician’s Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutters and 1000V Electrical Plier and Crimpers.


Screwdriver Sets

Screwdriver Sets from HellermannTyton include: 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Sets, Uninsulated HEX Sets, Un-insulated ENGSET, Socket Wrench Sets and Electronic Screwdriver Kits.


Tool Kits and Tool Bags

Tool Kits and Tool Bags from HellermannTyton include: The 32 Piece Electrician’s Backpack Tool Kit, 33 Piece Electrician’s Mining Backpack with Digital Multimeter/Insulation Tester, 20 Piece Budget Backpack Tool Kit, 16 Piece Electrical Tool Kit, 16 Piece Electrician’s Tool Kit, 14 Piece Tool Kit, 13 Piece Compact Electrician’s Tool Kit, 15 Piece Roll-up Electrical Kit, 25 Piece Electrical Industrial Tool Kit, 22 Piece Large Electrical Tool Kit, 17 Piece Electrical Tool Kit 1000V, 22 Piece Economy Electrician’s Kit, 18 Piece Electrician’s Tool Kit, 20 Piece Budget Electronic Tool Kit, 20 Piece Electronic Tool Kit, 16 Piece Budget Tool Kit. We also offer a large range of Tool Bags and Backpacks.