Cable management solutions for white goods

Delivering class even when producing in mass



From washing machines that keep clothes sparkling white to fridges that keep those sparkling whites cool, HellermannTyton’s Cable Management for White Goods delivers what you need, when you need it, whenever you need it. When it comes to orders of hundreds of thousands of standard parts or even unique special-parts solutions to meet a single need, we know the large and the small of it in the white-goods industry. We’re always ready to help you find the right solution to your requirements.




Perfect execution takes a team effort. And with our team of experts in 39 different locations around the world, we can consistently deliver projects and solutions – large and small. From tackling international projects at scale to ensuring compliance with increasingly rigorous international standards, we’re always on the ball. Even when space is tight, like with ever-shrinking machine sizes, our range of standard individualised and built-to-print solutions – from the tiny, robust EdgeClip Mini to the heat- and UV-stabilised Omega ties – guarantees big-time performance. Add it all up and it allows us to meet fluctuating demands on today’s international market. And by integrating robot-steered, automated tools, like the AT2000CPK, you are able to handle short-term volume adjustments quickly and efficiently without needing additional manpower to complete your order. It’s the perfect combination of man and machine.




All our efforts revolve around a single, unifying goal: driving your success. That’s why we mean it when we say we are constantly working to improve our products, services and solutions to give your bottom line a boost through fine-tuned performance. Streamlined services mean optimum time savings, our global network means maximum support and exceptionally low defect rates, and strict manufacturing standards mean absolute reliability. But ultimately, it all means that we still have to work hard to get better every day.

Fine-tuned, tweaked and ready to go – a look at our tried-and-tested products and solutions:

MADE TO FASTEN: Cable Ties and Fixings

1-Piece Fixing Ties for Edges

1-Piece Fixing Ties for Edges

  • Easy assembly, just clip on per hand
  • For edges of 1 – 3 mm
  • Clamp consists of double tempered steel spring
  • Ideal for applications where holes or adhesives are not suitable

2-Piece Fixing Ties for Edges

  • Pre-assembled 2-piece fixing tie with EdgeClip
  • Cable tie head can be moved after bundling
  • For edges of 1 – 3 mm
2-Piece Fixing Ties with Pipe Clip

2-Piece Fixing Ties with Pipe Clip

  • Simply clip on a wire or hose
  • Fixing clip offers full 360° rotation
  • Routed cable can move in any direction in relation to the fixing point
  • Inside serrated cable tie

MADE TO PROTECT: Cable Protection Systems

Standard polyester braided sleeving

Standard polyester braided sleeving

  • Made of sturdy polyester
  • Highly flexible
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very high surface coverage
Self-closing polyester sleeving

Self-closing polyester sleeving

  • Self-closing sleeve made of sturdy polyester
  • Provides very good protection against abrasion
  • Ideal for retro-fitting
  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Allows for inspection and maintenance



MADE TO IDENTIFY: Labelling Systems

Shrinkable markers

Shrinkable markers

  • Halogen Free
  • Low smoke propagation, density and toxicity
  • High Oxygen Index value (36.5 %)
  • Delivery in convenient storage boxes
Self-laminating labels, thermal transfer

Self-laminating labels, thermal transfer

  • High temperature self-laminating labels with an inscription field
  • Extremely scratch and chemical resistant
  • Protective laminating foil ensures optimal protection against humidity, dirt, debris, and mechanical abrasion
  • Survives 5 years external weathering in central European climate

MADE TO APPLY: Application Tooling

Manual tensioning tool plastic housing EVO7

Manual tensioning tool plastic housing EVO7

  • Ergonomic, slip-proof handle for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Fast and precise application with minimum effort (TLC mechanism)
  • Convenient and simple tension adjustmen

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Automatic cable tying with the Autotool CPK hybrid

Automatic bundling up to Ø 20 mm Autotool CPK hybrid

  •  Hybrid = cordless use with 18V Li-Ion battery or corded via mains power pack
  •  Flexible or stationary use with additional suspension or bench mount kits
  • Cycle time 0.65 - 1.0 sec. depending on quality and force
  •  Fully integratable into automated production (Power pack and control box required)
  • HT Data Management CPK software (included) for evaluation of tensioning process

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Product development


Save costs, with CAD models

Save costs, with CAD models

Many manufacturers produce the required components themselves, even though suitable parts are often available on the market at much lower prices. Take a look at the bigger picture and save production costs of up to 40 % and more. It's easy: with the help of CAD models.

In cooperation with the software service provider CADENAS, we provide you with thousands of our products in the form of 3D and 2D CAD data – free of charge. These support designers from the initial idea to practical implementation with useful model data as well as product images and dimensions.

Select the appropriate models from a wide range of CAD formats and integrate them directly into your development environment. This improves cooperation between engineering and purchasing, saves both time and money and helps you to be even more competitive in the future.

Also available as a mobile device app: Download 3D CAD App here


Your partner for customised solutions

Product development

Can't find the best possible solution for your specific application in our standard portfolio? Then let us develop the perfect product for you together.

Thanks to our high level of development expertise, we are able to design products perfectly tailored to your needs at any time, anywhere in the world. Everything from a single source - from planning to production.