End-To-End Networking Installation Solutions

Telecommunication - End-To-End Networking Installation Solutions


HellermannTyton offers end-to-end networking installation solutions next to manufacturing a complete range of products that identify, route and bundle products in telecommunications. 

In close cooperation with our customers we develop innovative data transfer systems of tomorrow providing capacity, economic efficiency and trendsetting data transfer systems.

Thermal Transfer Tiptags

Used for identifying wire and cable bundles in electronic and general cabling environments particularly suitable for the Telecommunication industry.

These easy to apply labels are applied to cables with cable ties to secure wire bundles and are also suitable for retrofit purposes.  

Features and benefits

  • Identification tags for use with large wire and cable bundles
  • Perforated format that includes fastening slots for cable ties
  • Excellent print performance 
  • Easy label design with TagPrint Pro
  • Available in white, yellow, blue and red
  • Manufactured from Polyolefin (PO) material with an operating temperature of -40oC to +90oC.

These TIPTAGS are Limited Fire Hazard, low generation of toxic gases and corrosive acid, low smoke generation and halogen free.

Cable installation system - Cable Scout+

This professional cable routing tool which enables satallite installers to easily route cables, saving time, even with the most challenging installations.

Designed for use in the telecommunication industry these rods are manufactured from high quality Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which enables a load carrying capacity of up to 200kg.

A range of accessories are also available enabling installers to illuminate, grip, inspect and retrieve.

Features and benefits

  • Time saving
  • Rods and accessories are contained in a handy storage bag
  • Range of accessories also available:  cable grips, whisk, bean and magnet
  • Load carrying capacity of 200kg

Electrical and technical tapes - HelaTape

Offering a comprehensive range of PVC and rubber tapes for bundling, insulating, fixing, sealing and marking applications in the Telecommunications industry.

These tapes are suitable for sealing and insulating cables and splices in low, medium and very high voltage applications.

We also offer a range of cloth tapes which are extremely strong and ideal for identification, fixing and repair purposes.

Features and benefits

  • Vast range of tapes for all purposes
  • Designed for low, medium and high voltage applications
  • Some tapes in the range are flame retardant
  • Can be used for sealing and insulating cables

Cable ties for thin-walled bundles - OS Series

Outside serrated cable ties are used in many areas within the Telecommunications industry where thin walled or soft insulation wires and cables are being installed.

Manufactured from PA66VO material they are suitable for applications where safety requirements are required, making them ideal for this industry.

Features and benefits

  • Outside serrated cable tie with smooth surface to the bundle
  • Tie follows the contours of the cable bundle perfectly
  • Takes up less space due to the curved head
  • Easy insertion and high tensile strength
  • For higher temperatures or Limited Fire Hazard demand:  material PA46 or PA66VO
  • Easy application either manually or with a processing tool

Pre-printed Cable Markers - Ovalgrip slide on, straight cut

These cable markers are ideally suited for the Telecommunications market.  They are supplied continuous on a reel (HODS), or in bags.  Cable markers are available in yellow material marked in black and international resistor colour code and black on white with characters 0-9 A-Z and standard electrical symbols.

Features and benefits

  • Oval shaped markers designed for use in maintenance and repair and fixed with cable ties
  • Direct application to wire and cable before termination is also recommended

Arrowtags, blank nylon arrowhead shaped plates, are also available and are suitable for applying to larger cables fixed with a cable tie.  Custom printed plaques are also available on request.

AT1 - for 7 size 50 ovalgrip markers
AT2 - for 8 size 85 ovalgrip markers
AT3 - for 14 size 85 ovalgrip markers

Mild steel wall mounted enclosures - NSYCRN

HellermannTyton offer a range of mild steel wall mounted enclosures suitable for the telecommunications market. 

Manufactured from a continuous length of sheet steel.  both internally and externally protected with texturized polyester eposy resin RAL7035 grey paint.

These enclosures compliment the large range of products we supply for routing, identifying, protecting and insulating.

NSYCRN enclosures are suitable for use indoors and have welded studs on the back for direct fixing of mounting plates and other accessories.