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TIPTAG - Identification tag used for marking cable bundles

Identification tag used for marking cable bundles

Features and Benefits:

• Can be used with large wire and cable bundles

• Perforated format that includes slots for cable ties

• Excellent print performance using TTDTHOUT Ribbons

• Can be printed on with TT430 and TT4000+

• Easy label design with TagPrint Pro3

• High Temperature Range, Halogen Free

• SIZE :11x65, 11x100, 15x65, 15x100, (10x51, 20x51 – Ladder Style)

M-BOSS Markers

Embossed Markers


• Raised marking ensure text visibility even when covered in dust, debris, grease and oil

• Stainless steel grade SS316 is suited for use in harsh environments

• Marker plates are designed for use with stainless steel cable ties with a 4.6 mm strap width

• Apply ties with a MK9SST

• SIZES : 10x45, 10x90, 20x45, 20x90



• M-BOSS Markers used in all areas where severe mechanical or chemical conditions occur

• Raised surface of the embossed print ensures text remains visible even with dirt, grease, and paint cover the marker

• Physical characteristics of the metal and the height of the embossed mark allows users to apply a stiff or metallic brush to the surface and remove excess layers of paint or grease without damaging the integrity of the text

TLFX Ladder Shrink Markers

TLFX Ladder Shrink Markers


• Shrink ratio 2:1

• 50 mm, 25 mm pre-cut marker options as standard, other lengths available on request

• Cable range 38.1 mm to 1.2 mm

• Halogen Free

• Low smoke propagation, density and toxicity

• High Oxygen Index value (35.4%)

• Meets EN45545-2 (HL3, HL2, HL1)



• TLFX DS rail approved - pre-cut and formatted onto a  "ladder" system allowing printing on both sides of the marker

• Alternative TDRT rail approved– 3:1 ratio

• User easily choose and pick required marker.

• Printed with HellermannTyton's premium range of thermal printers and ribbons

• Printers: TrakMark DS, TT4000+ and TT430


• Software: TagPrint Pro

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