Lifetime Warranty

For most tools and selected instruments

For most tools and selected instruments

HellermannTyton carries a Lifetime Warranty on most tools and selected instruments. If any product is found to be defective or faulty, HellermannTyton will, at their sole discretion, repair or replace the affected product. This warranty does not cover batteries, fuses, or the neglect or misuse of products within abnormal conditions of operation as well as the wear of consumable products.

HellermannTyton products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time sold by us but our obligation under this warranty and that of the reseller is limited to the replacement of the product, and neither we nor the reseller are bound by any other warranty, expressed, implied or statutory.

Under no circumstances are we or the seller liable for any loss, damage, expenses or consequential damages of any kind arising out of the use or inability to use these products. All are sold with the understanding that the user will test them in actual use and determine their adaptability for the intended uses.

Please note that although the warranty covers most tools it does not cover all hydraulic and battery operated tools such as gas solder irons where regular maintenance is required. Any software that may come with the tool or instrument does not fall under the warranty either.

List of Instruments and Tools under lifetime warranty

List of Instruments

TBM811 – General Purpose Digital Multimeter

TBM811XEX – General Purpose Digital Multimeter

TBM812 – General Purpose Digital Multimeter

TBM812XEX - General Purpose Digital Multimeter

T1132 1000V – Insulation Tester

T1832 1000V – Insulation Tester

T1151 1000V – Insulation Tester

T11510LED – Insulation Tester

T1825 – PSC Loop Tester

T1826 – PSC Loop Tester

TEL28 – ELCB Polarity Tester

T1812 – ELCB Polarity Tester

TELE10L – ELCB Polarity Tester

TEL11 – ELCB Phase Rotation Tester

TEL11OLED – ELCB Phase Rotation Tester

T860 – Phase Rotation Tester

T887 – Phase Rotation Tester

THVD – High Voltage Detector

T6236 – Digital Tachometer

T325 – Environmental Tester

TBM829 – Digital Multimeter

List of Tools

All Tools in Tool Kits

All non-hydraulic tools

All non-battery operated tools