Terminating with lugs and ferrules

How to terminate a conductor

  • Strip conductor to insertion depth (add 10%because of length changing of crimp sleeve)
  • Conductor ends must be cleaned before termination
  • Insert conductor fully into cable lug or ferrule
  • Using the appropriate crimping tool crimp lug onto conductor

Terminating using crimping lugs and ferrules

This type of lug is used to terminate stranded conductors only. It is made of tinned copper tubing pressed into different shapes and sizes, and is crimped onto the conductor. Hand crimping tools usually accommodate several lug sizes in a fixed head, which is obtainable with indent, oval, hexagon crimp type dies. For larger lugs, hydraulic crimping machines with capacities from 5 tons upwards are used

Ordering lugs or ferrules

When ordering lugs, state the following:

  1. Area of conductor
  2. Diameter of bolt shank

Crimping Tools

YYT9 Crimper (10mm² - 16mm²) HD0650AU Hex Crimper HD16L (1,5mm² - 16mm²)


Calculating the area of the cable

There are two steps to determining the area of the cable:

  1. Measure the diameter of the cable
  2. Use the formula:
    A = x D²/4 where A = 3,147
    and D = diameter of the cable,

Example:  D  = 20mm
                  A  = 3,147 x 20²/4
                      = 315mm2