Cable entry plates for industry

Modular cable entry systems for small and large inserts

Cable feed-throughs – Made in Germany

Cable entry plate VarioPlate in application

If you need to route different cable diameters with or without connectors in a tight space, cable entry systems are the ideal solution. And the perfect alternative to cable glands.

The easy-to-install system is suitable for cables from 3-33 mm and is compatible with the standard rectangular connector cutouts used in industry.

Within the two different insert grommet sizes, you can equip your cable entry system fully flexibly as it suits your specific application.

Customise your individual cable plate now, in just a few clicks using our configurator.

Here you can find all the benefits of the VarioPlate system at a glance.

Cable entry plate configurator


Your cable entry system: configure and visualise with just a few clicks

VarioPlate Cable Entry Product Configurator

We would like to support you in your work in the best possible way. That is why we have developed the VarioPlate configuration tool for you: Simply select how many and which insert grommets you need for your cable feed-through. Our configurator will then show you the right solutions for your specific application.

Perfect for work instructions and further project steps. It couldn't be easier, try it out now:


VarioPlate Product Configurator

Cable entry system – benefits at a glance

Cable entry plates: modular, for up to 40 cables

Cable entry system VarioPlate modular for up to 40 cables

Cable entries of the VarioPlate series are the ideal solution when it comes to managing multiple cables in a confined space in a safe and organised way.

The VarioPlate Cable Entry System is suitable for the cut-out dimensions commonly used for connectors in enclosures. The modular solution is extremely versatile. For example, in panel building, on large electrical enclosures, in wind turbines or on excavators. VarioPlate meets protection classes UL 94 VO, IP65 and IP66. They are:

  • Halogen free and …

  • … RoHS compliant.

VarioPlate products are a premium solution in the field of cable entry. Compared with many similar products, they provide additional benefits:


  1. Modularity: large and small insert grommets can be used in one and the same frame.
  2. Tolerance compensation: compensating contour lips in the insert grommets ensure a perfect fit even if the cable has tolerances.
  3. Strain relief: the insert grommets protect the cables from mechanical stress.
  4. Molded gasket: on the back of the frame – this eliminates the need for a separate seal.

Four different frames, most diverse assembly options

Cable entry plate VarioPlate modular for up to 40 cables with just one frame

VarioPlate is a divisible, flexible system for cables from 3-33 mm. As an alternative to cable glands, VarioPlate allows orderly and secure bundling of up to 40 cables – with just one frame.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Warranty preservation of pre-assembled cables
  • Divisible, modular system for cables from 3-33 mm
  • Flexible assembly of the frame
  • Feed-through of up to 40 cables per frame
  • Suitable for all common standard cut-outs and drilling patterns
  • Made in Germany
  • Integrated strain relief 
  • 20 mm build up height

Frequently Asked Questions

How to route multiple connections in tight spaces?

Cable entry system VarioPlate for use in tight spaces

The VarioPlate cable entry system  is the ideal time- and space-saving solution if you have to route a variety of cable diameters with or without pre-terminated connectors or plugs, and wherever space is limited.

Do VarioPlate cable entry frames fit my application?

Cable entry plate VarioPlate with standard sized connector cutouts

The inner  frame dimension corresponds to common onnector cut-outs in panel building and mechanical engineering. This makes VarioPlate compatible with a wide variety of industrial applications.

One of the four different VarioPlate frames will therefore most likely fit your size requirement.

Do cable entry systems provide strain relief and IP66 protection?

Cable entry plate VarioPlate system compliant with protection classes IP65 and IP66

All connections of the VarioPlate systems comply with protection class IP 65 as well as IP 66 and have an integrated strain relief.

Does a cable connection have to be replaceable and maintainable?

Cable entry plate VarioPlate system with blind plug for future interchanges and services

By placing a blind plug or blind insert grommet in the VarioPlate frame, you have the option to run additional cables in the future and you make the connections interchangeable and serviceable.

How to install cable entry systems?

How to install cable entry system VarioPlate steps 1 to 4 How to install cable entry system VarioPlate steps 1 to 4

1. Prepare a drilling pattern for the correspondent frame size.

2.  Set the cables into the insert grommet.

3. Attach the strain relief with a cable tie on the inserts.

4. Remove the top screws on the frame.

How to install cable entry system VarioPlate steps 5 to 8 How to install cable entry system VarioPlate steps 5 to 8

5. Open the frame to install the inserts into the frame (with or without using the mounting tool).

6. Feed the inserts into the frame.

7. Close the frame and tighten the screws to 2.0 Nm.

8. Mount the frame on the drilling pattern, over the cut-out (no extra gasket needed).