TEL11OLED ELCB/Phase Rotation Tester
Art.-No. 911-00152 | TEL11OLED Details

  • Indicates phase presence
  • Indicates phase rotation
  • TEST for disconnection sensitivity
  • TEST for disconnection time
  • Select one of 3-phase to test ELCB
  • Measure voltage phase to Earth
  • Over temperature protection
  • Phase polarity trip indicator
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Application This test instrument is a combination of 3-phase presence and rotation indicator combined with a 3-phase industrial earth leakage tester and measures the current at which the breaker disconnects or the time taken to disconnect. The earth leakage can be utilised on a single phase (up to 317 Vac line to earth) or a 3-phase powered system (550 V line to line or phase to phase) with a protective earth conductor.
Part No. TEL11OLED
Product Family TEL11OLED ELCB/Phase Rotation Tester
Product Group ELCB / Polarity Testers
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