Art.-No. 911-01891 | HTB630F-MET-SR Details

  • Random samples submitted to the SABS complied with SABS IEC1238-1:1993
  • Relevant test report is freely available upon request.
  • Test report relates only to the items submitted for the actual test
  • Furnishes or implies no guarantee whatsoever in respect of similar items that have not been tested Performance of the test and the issue of the test report do not imply approval by the SABS of the quality and/or performance of the items that have been tested but signifies that the items tested met the requirements of: SABS IEC1238-1:1993 / RCC NO: 0902175
Colour Silver (SR)
Description Cable Ferrule Tinned Standard 630.1
Material Metal (MET)
Type HTB630F
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