Commercial Grade Polyolefin
Art.-No. 911-01391 | CP580-PO-X-NA Details

  • Chemically cross linked polyolefin
  • Very flexible and does not easily wrinkle when bent
  • Operating temperature range -55 ºC to +125 ºC
  • Available Colours: blue, yellow, black, white, red and transparent
  • Supplied in continuous reels or in pre-cut sleeves
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Application SGP General purpose heat shrink tubing is a cost effective product for numerous commercial insulation applications. It provides effective electrical insulation and protection for in-line components, disconnect terminals and splices. It also bundles wires and cables for very flexible lightduty harnesses, use as strain-relieves for electrical wire connections and colour-codes wires, cables, terminals and components. The tubing withstands higher temperature rating, provides better thermal stability and higher resistance to physical abuse than non-crosslinked materials. All colour tubings are flame retarded except for transparent tubing.
Colour Natural (NA)
Description HEATSHRINK CP 50.8/25.4mm CLEAR
Material Polyolefin, cross-linked (PO-X)
Part No. CP508TCL
Product Family CP/SGP - 2:1 shrink ratio
Product Group Commercial Grade Polyolefin
Shrink Ratio 2:1
Type CP580
Recov. ∅ d max. 29.0mm
Supplied ∅ D min. 58.0mm
Dielectric Strength 20kV/mm
Dielectric Strength test method ASTM D2671
Elongation at break 300% (ASTM-D-638)
Min. Shrink Temperature - °C +90 °C
Operating Temperature -55 °C to +125 °C
Volume Resistance 10¹⁴ Ω cm
Volume Resistance test method ASTM D257
GTIN-13 / EAN 6005242020681
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