Photovoltaic Systems : IV400

IV400 Multifunction Instrument for Verification Of I-V Characteristic Of PhotovoltaicStrings And Modules, Article number: 911-00193


  • Measurement of output voltage from module/string up to 1000V DC
  • Measurement of output current from module/string up to 10 A DC
  • Measurement of solar irradiation [W/m2] with reference cell
  • Measurement of module temperature, automatic or by means of external probe
  • Measurement of output DC and nominal power of module/string
  • Synchronisation with remote unit SOLAR-02
  • Numerical and graphical display of I-V characteristic
  • Quick test mode
  • Measurement of the resistance of photovoltaic module series
  • Mechanical inclinometer for the detection of the incidence angle of solar irradiation
  • 4 Terminal measuring method
  • Extrapolation to standard test conditions (STC)
  • Evaluation of testing result: OK / NO
  • Management of up to 30 types of photovoltaic modules in the internal database
  • Internal memory for data saving
  • Recalling results on the display
  • Optical/USB port for PC connection
  • Help online on the display


IV400 is the ideal solution for the ordinary and scheduled maintenance of photovoltaic systems. With IV 400, searching for possible failures and problems in systems is extremely rapid, efficient and intuitive. IV 400 carries out the field measurement of the I-V characteristic and of the main characteristic parameters both of a single module and of module strings. The instrument measures, together with the I-V characteristic of the device being tested, also the values of its temperature and incident irradiation. The acquired data is then processed to extrapolate the I-V characteristic at standard test conditions (STC) in order to proceed with the comparison with the nominal data declared by the modules’ manufacturer, thus immediately determining whether or not the string or the module being tested respects the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. In some PV installations, such as roof-top installations, it may be difficult to access the module output cables. Access to the cables at the combiner box or at the inverter’s inputs may be the only chance. In this case the measurement of I-V characteristics can be achieved by measuring the environmental parameters (irradiation and temperature) through the remote optional unit SOLAR-02. The remote unit is positioned next to the photovoltaic modules and it is connected to the probes for measuring environmental parameters. The synchronization between the two units guarantees the necessary contemporaneity of measurements making possible the extrapolation of the I-V curve at STC without using long extension cords cable. Output current or voltage from the module or string is measured with the 4-terminal method, which allows extending the measurement cables without requiring any compensation for their resistance, thus always providing accurate and precise measurements.

Part No. IV400
Product Family IV400 Multifunction Instrument for Verification Of I-V Characteristic Of PhotovoltaicStrings And Modules
Product Group Photovoltaic Systems
EAN / GTIN 6005242991288

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