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Safety, reliability and efficiency are of the utmost importance in the rail industry, and HellermannTyton has products to help achieve these objectives. With safety, communication and other technological improvements rapidly emerging, HellermannTyton is an ideal solutions partner.

Our cable management and protection products are used in a variety of rail applications, including locomotive and rail car manufacturing, rail infrastructure (signaling control boxes) and maintenance and repair.

HellermannTyton manufacture locally one of the most comprehensive range of cable management products, which comply with local and international standards such as EN 45545, ISO accreditation and OEM approvals.

Specially developed solutions for the rail industry


The rail industry: TLFX-DS

Cable identification: TLFX DS heatshrink markers

These cable markers come in a handy ladder style and have been specially developed for the rail industry. They meet the highest standards in terms of low flammability, have all the necessary certifications and can be quickly produced as permanent cable marking solutions on our thermal transfer printers.





Cable identification: Diesel resistant and halogen free heat shrink marker TLFD DS

The diesel resistant and halogen free TLFD DS heat shrink marker fulfils the requirements of the railway standards EN 45545-2:2013 (R22/R23, Hazard-Level 3) and EN 50343:2014 Annex H. The special composition of the polyolefin material enables TLFD DS to prevent the spread of fire and minimize the risk to people in the event of a fire, such as smoke, lack of oxygen or the generation of toxic gases



The rail industry: TIPTAG

Perfect for stringent fire protection requirements: the TIPTAG marking system

The cable markers in the TIPTAG range are ideal for areas with particularly stringent fire protection requirements. They meet all the demands of the rail industry, are halogen-free and are particularly popular on account of their flexible mechanical properties.





Rail industry: TrakMark DS

For double-sided printing: the TrakMark DS thermal transfer printer

This thermal transfer printer is just the ticket when you need to print large quantities of heat-shrinkable tubes quickly. The TrakMark DS is capable of speeds of up to 125 millimetres per second – an efficient rate that stops printing from being a race against the clock.





Rail industry: HTWD-HF

Cable protection for the rail industry: HTWD-HF wiring duct

Halogen-free and boasting certification for enhanced fire protection, this cable duct is made from a unique polymer blend and offers everything you need for space-saving and secure cable protection. Ideal for areas with large numbers of people or high-value equipment.





Rail industry: Helagaine Twist-In-FR

Wherever you find friction and impact: Helagaine Twist-In-FR

Helagaine Twist-In-FR is ultra-fast to process and helps you raise your installation and mainentance efficiency. And its excellent fire protection properties make this self-closing protective braided sleeving essential whenever safety is the top priority in the rail industry.





Rail industry: the Helawrap HWPAV0

For tough conditions and outstanding fire protection: the Helawrap HWPAV0

Bundling and protecting cables in a single step is easily accomplished with Helawrap HWPAV0. Excellent abrasion protection and outstanding fire protection properties are the key factors when it comes to certified use in rail vehicles.Suggested addition: Helawrap HWPAV0 gets you to your destination fast and safe.





Rail industry: EVO9

Speedy workflows for greater efficiency: with the EVO9

Nothing moves forward without evolution. For us, holistic cable management means ensuring both speedy and reliable processing. It was not only a matter of time before we designed the patented EVO7 tool for fitting cable ties. We specifically enhanced it, the result being that the EVO9 suggested addition: for heavy-duty plastic cable ties lets you complete your workflows even more quickly.




Rail industry: T-Series

Our forte: cable ties for the rail industry

We specialise in the development of industry-specific cable management solutions. We have been working for some 20 years on behalf of the rail industry – an area where our innovations keep on setting new standards. Take our T-Series cable ties, for example, which are serrated on the inside for reliable grip on the bundle. The OS-Series, on the other hand, is serrated on the outside, so that sensitive cabling comes into contact with a perfectly smooth surface. If there is a need for exceptional holding forces, or reliably secure connections – such as on folding bellows – we recommend our KR-Series, a patented system with a unique head.


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